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rose hardy

Rose Hardy is a New Zealand born tattooist and painter based in New York City. She has been tattooing for 13 years and has worked in studios all over the world. She has Exhibited paintings in New Zealand, England, Australia, Berlin and Italy her most recent a sell out solo show was at Outré Gallery in Melbourne Australia.

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dan smith

Born in England and raised in New Zealand, Dan Smith now calls Southern California home. Originally moving to Orange County in 2004, Dan has spent the last 15 years of his life traveling extensively throughout the US and abroad pursuing both music and tattooing. In 2008, Dan began working in Hollywood at Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoo.

In 2009 he joined the cast of TLC’s LA INK and was a featured cast member throughout the third and fourth seasons of the program. After the culmination of the show in 2011, Dan continued tattooing in Los Angeles until the end of 2012, whilst still maintaining a heavy travel and touring schedule. In 2013 Dan left High Voltage to establish his own Captured Tattoo in scenic Old Town Tustin in Orange County, California.

Dan is an accomplished, all rounded tattooer that's mostly recognize for his bold, detailed and colourful work. It is strong when it needs to be and delicate when you least expect it. He takes influence from album art and iconic styles to 80's skateboard graphics and culture but his admiration for classic traditional imagery always shines through the brightest.


Captured tattoo

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steve wood

Tattooer, Painter and a Gentleman.  He believes in holding fast to the tradition of the past, traditional tattoo and hand painted, spit shaded flash.


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Steve Burlton

With the sad passing of Steve last year 21019 all of Steve’s commissions are going to his family

RIP Steve, rest easy brother! ??

Based in Luxembourg Europe, spending 5 months a year with the like of Sacred tattoo New Zealand, Chapel Tattoo - Melbourne, Tattoo Magic - Melbourne

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capilli tupou

His style is entrenched in Traditional American tattooing with a turn of the century/folk art influence.

His paintings are truly unique with constant surprises reflected in his design and colour palette.

A true gentleman of the industry, Capilli draws motivation and inspiration from his wife and son and his Maori/American Samoan heritage.


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erin chance

Erin Chance is a tattooer from New Zealand, now living in Richmond Virginia. When she’s not tattooing or drawing she is probably gaming, and is well on her way to being a crazy cat lady.

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justin weatherholtz

Justin Weatherholtz is an American tattoo artist who currently resides and works in New York City at world renowned Kings Avenue Tattoo. He has been tattooing for 15 years and is co-producer of Pagoda City Tattoo Festical inReading, Pennsylvania  


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alex rusty cairns

After a life long obsession with drawing, Alex began tattooing in 2005, and went on to tattoo at some of the busiest and best tattoo shops in Australia, along with guest spots in London and Berlin.

After working alongside some of Australia’s leading Japanese tattoo artists, he established Lighthouse with co-founder Nathan Puata to cement his style in Sydney tattooing.


Lighthouse Tattoo

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currar whitham

Currar is fresh to the industry only tattooing for the last year aprenticing under Nick Agnew. Inspired and influenced by the likes of Dean Sacred and Erin chance, even feels seeing their work is the reason he is tattooing today.

Based at Kingsland Ink in Auckland, New Zealand he hopes to travel extensively in his career, this is just the beginning.


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Roger Moore

Roger Moore is a tattooer and painter from Auckland, New Zealand. He is heavily influenced by traditional tattooing, classic art and heavy metal. 

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Ryan Ussher

Artist and Co-owner of Lighthouse Tattoo in Sydney Australia 

Ryan has worked in many places in Australia and abroad, from bustling street shops to small private studios, to hone his skills into a recognizable style that draws from traditional Japanese tattoo and print imagery as well as Western elements. 

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Geordie Cole

Geordie started tattooing in Melbourne in 1990. In 1996 he took over ownership of Tattoo Magic in Fitzroy from Gary Mooney. He has been running the studio and tattooing there for 22 years. All the while building a Melbourne Tattooing Institution. His work has moved into a more Asian aesthetic, which he says is “Timeless on the skin”. That said, Geordie is constantly pushing forward with great clients and tattoos in early 2017 Geordie became actively involved as a committee member working with the Australian Tattooists Guild.  This is a not for profit organisation that continues to represent the professional tattooing community at a government level. Their main Focus being to see responsible regulation for the tattooing industry is constantly pushing forward with great clients and tattoos. 

Tattoo Magic

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horitsuki dust wu

Horitsuki Dust Wu has been tattooing for 15 years and opened Galaxy Tattoo HK in 2011. I would say I am more familiar in Tradition Japanese Tattoo in all categories. Meantime I like make painting to share my art all over the world also Maker and developer of the Tattoo Stencil Pen

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Levi Waihape

Levi Waihape
Ngati Kahungunu
Ngati Pahauwera
Ngati Porou




Tom Rollandi

Tom Rollandi is a New Zealand based tattoo artist currently working out of Sacred Tattoo in Auckland with a strong focus on contemporary black and grey inspired from traditional Japanese woodblock prints and tattooing.


Cassandra Winter

Cass is a tattoo artist based at Sacred tattoo in Auckland. Outside of the studio, she can be found lurking amongst piles of dusty books or perusing the vaults of natural history museums - influences reflected in her work.

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Stef Bastiàn

Website :

Book: Stef Bastiàn Book

Stef’s first encounter with tattooing goes back to when he was a kid, about 10 years old. In his neighborhood in Florence lived a man heavily tattooed, well known in the area. Every time you would cross paths with him at local cafès you couldn’t help being fascinated by those blue arms. There was something magnetic about his presence, nonconformist, living by his own rules.
Three years later Stef and his friend are tattooing a small kanji on each other with a threading needle and china ink. Growing up the story of that old man with blue arms becomes more familiar: his name is Maurizio Fiorini, historical italian tattooer well known and respected in the industry.

Maurizio's influence continued to shape Stef's path in tattooing. At the age of 15, Stef's friend introduced him to the famous tattoo magazine 'Tattoo Life', featuring Maurizio on the front cover. It was at this moment that tattooing truly captivated Stef, and he received his first machine tattoo shortly after, a tribal design from one of Maurizio's apprentices. This marked the beginning of Stef's obsession with tattooing.

Fastforward a few years and Stef eventually gained entry and learning valuable lessons about machine building and the daily life of a tattoo shop. He spent countless hours there, absorbing all he could, being happy to be part of that magical world. Stef's fondest memories from this time were the kindness and passion that Maurizio shared, as well as his captivating storytelling. Stef would eagerly listen to stories about colorful characters, prison ink making, gangster life, Maurizio's friendship with Herbert Hoffmann, and the ethics of the tattoo business. These experiences influenced Stef's vision of how to conduct oneself in the industry and the importance of storytelling as an old school tattooer.

A pivotal moment in Stef's journey occurred when he heard an old saying, "I always wanted to see the world, but I couldn't afford it. The only way I could was to become a sailor or a tattooer. So I became a tattooer." Inspired by these words, Stef embarked on a life on the road, spending 10 years traveling and working in various countries. His goal was to learn as much as possible and work with the best artists in the world. Stef's journey took him to Australia, the US, New Zealand, Asia, and 16 countries in Europe, where he worked in numerous tattoo parlors and gained the technical expertise and network that enabled him to become part of some of the best tattoo studios and conventions globally.

Throughout his 20+ years of tattooing, Stef has been involved in various exciting initiatives, including:

-Being part of an exhibition at the New York Historical Society
-Exhibiting at the Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam
-Participating in the 2020 Design Matters conference in Copenhagen
-Contributing to different tattoo books published by Neversleep Publishing, Atonement books, Coenen Publishing, and Sea Shepherd
-Being featured on the artists' gallery of the Arches Paper website
-Hosting two art exhibitions as part of the Stef Bastiàn Presents charity series at the prestigious London Tattoo Convention

Today, Stef's focus is on perfecting his favorite tattoo styles, Traditional American and Japanese. In addition to tattooing, he also enjoys painting, teaching watercolor seminars and classes for his new Tattoo Mentor Program, and running the Tattoo Tales podcast. Stef's main purpose is to contribute to the industry that has given him so much, just as Maurizio would have wanted.

Overall, Stef's journey in tattooing has been a testament to his passion and dedication to the craft. His experiences, collaborations, and accomplishments have shaped him into the artist he is today.